Lessons in Leadership

and a few personal stories

 Sharing what I have learned, tested, and trained about leadership mindset and skills. My hope here is to inspire and activate the extraordinary leader ​that lies within you.

My Journey to Define What a Leader Truly Is

I came out of the military – just like those before me and since – schooled in command based on the masculine model of leadership designed for warfare. When you’re training for life-and-death, in the trenches, on the battlefield types of situations, there is clearly...

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Changing the World Needs Comfluence™

The difference between male and female leadership styles is a topic that has been studied extensively over the last several years. Yet it hasn’t become a topic of conversation around the kitchen or boardroom table enough, from what I hear about women’s experiences at...

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What’s Merit Got to Do with It?

My career began in the military. One might think I was positioned to be a fearless leader right from the start. I had a strong mother who counseled me about choosing a direction that would wield more power and control and a father who’d served with the Marines. I was...

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Gender Heritage: About Equal Pay

The U.S. Women’s National (Soccer) Team just won its second straight World Cup (2019) title, which of course is exciting for them and was thrilling to watch. However, as a women’s leadership trainer and advocate, my favorite part is the spotlight that the team,...

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What is a Leader?

What does it mean to be a leader? What are the traits of an effective leader? How can these traits help the people around you to focus, succeed, make more money, and – essentially – make a positive, meaningful difference? Great leaders in any business or enterprise...

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YES to Women in Leadership!

Many people believe that you are either born a leader or you’re not. I do not believe this! In my many decades of working with clients, I’ve seen people who have learned the mindset and skills that have brought them out of the shadows and into the greatness they were...

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Traveling with Cats: Listen to the Noise

Siamese cats have been in my life since I was 17. If you know the breed, you know that they yowl and talk a lot - and regularly.  I adopted my own Siamese when I got to Ft Devens, MA. They traveled with me their entire lives – and never stopped talking. One memorable...

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Tale of a Lost Voice

What is a speaker, educator, radio show host, friend, confidante, and/or leader without a voice?  The answer is silent, hidden behind the curtain, marginalized, someone to be pitied and so much more.  I can see it in their eyes as I struggle to push each word out of...

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Are You a Reluctant Leader?

Much of my work over the years has been with “reluctant leaders.”  Do you know who makes up a large portion of Reluctant Leaders? Women. Women also make up a large number of the great change agents. There’s a reason for the saying, “Behind every great man is a great...

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The Power of Water: A Leadership Metaphor

When I am in Maui on vacation, I get mesmerized watching the waves crash on the beach, over and over  – each time an awe-inspiring moment. I watch the waves race toward the beach and gather a head of steam before crashing on the sand. There is such power in that...

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Women Leaders and the “B” word

Have you ever had a woman boss - or been the boss - that people called a “bitch” because she was too aggressive, too competitive, too demanding, too cold? When I speak in front of groups, I often start by asking them, “What comes to mind when I say the word ‘leader’?...

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The Quiet of Water: A Leadership Metaphor

As the ancient Latin proverb goes, still waters run deep.  There is a calmness about looking at a pond that is not moving.  Yet, there is also a sense of stagnation when a pond is completely still.  Only when the breeze blows does the surface of this still pond begin...

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