Lessons in Leadership

and a few personal stories

 Sharing what I have learned, tested, and trained about leadership mindset and skills. My hope here is to inspire and activate the extraordinary leader ​that lies within you.

Healing Ourselves: Why Movements Happen

Imagine for a moment that you are 4 years old. Your mommy and daddy are taking you to the hospital to get your tonsils out. The nurses tell you that you will be asleep the whole time, and they will be with you. Your parents promise that when you wake up in your own...

COMMAND vs. Influence

You may be asking yourself: What does COMMAND have to do with Influence?  In fact: What is COMMAND in the first place, and why should I care? Both are really good questions. To set the stage, I work with women who might be current or ex-military, current or...

2018 The Year of the Movement: Are You In?

My awakening to what I’m called to do began in 2017. It was a regular coaching call with my business coach, Julie Foucht.  I hopped up on my soapbox, passionately lamenting about how the 2017 Women’s March brought out hundreds of thousands of women all over the world...

Fried Clams: A Lesson in Sales Integrity

Growing up in the Midwest, “real” fried clams were not something that I ever ate. My mom bought either bought Mrs. Paul’s or Groton’s frozen fried clams.  Because this was what I was used to, I thought they were the most marvelous creations in the world.  They were...

Fame Attracts Money

Fame attracts money. This was a quote from my coach and mentor, Ann Evanston, from one of our training calls. She went on to explain that fame and being famous wrapped around visibility. The light bulb went on for me. If you know my story, then you know that I was...

How to Take the Fear Out of Delegating

You may think that delegating is a skill you don’t need now that you are in direct marketing and have a team. Your team is made up of independent contractors after all. What if I told you that delegating is the cornerstone to keeping the team alive, active, loyal and...

Navigating The Louvre

Navigating The Louvre can be a challenge for anyone, but it is especially interesting for someone who is handicapped. I have toured The Louvre with my daughter and my husband on separate occasions; I know the complexity of the museum and the interesting routes you...

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