Dare to Lead

“The ability to be an extraordinary leader lies within you.”

LINDA PATTEN, Leadership Trainer for Women Entrepreneurs and Changemakers

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Do You Dare to Lead?


You are ready to make a difference and make great money -- How do you build your team?


You are out to change the world -- How do you inspire others to follow you?


You have just entered the challenging world of entrepreneurship -- What do you do now?


You want to step into your power as a woman -- How do you tap into the leadership skills men seem to use so successfully?

If you’re nodding your head ‘yes’ then YOU ARE PART OF MY TROOP!!

Are you ready to boost your leadership skills?

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It’s been 50 years since women entered the workforce to replace the men fighting in WWII. Women in leadership continued to grow and change the world for the better. Yet the leadership model remains – the “private men’s club” from 100s of years ago still sets the rules. High time for a change! Learn more about this powerful program designed to boost your leadership skills to meet today’s challenges.

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What, in fact, IS leadership?

I believe it is simply


… Taking action in one’s life. Investing in dreams. Making decisions that move one forward toward a fulfilling life of meaning (and fun!). Doing what one is called to do in life. Inspiring others to follow.

The ability to be an extraordinary leader lies within EVERY WOMAN. However, so many of us have heard otherwise from society ever since we were little girls.

I don’t want to see ANY woman who has fire in her belly about a dream or a cause to listen to those messages that have crushed her leadership spirit!

I am Linda Patten and my life’s work is to train you in the art and science of leadership. So you can discover the extraordinary women leader within, and learn the skills you need to be effective, influential and successful in whatever endeavor you choose.


I believe in the power of women to make change. Step into your own power as a woman and a leader.

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