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You Don’t Have To Figure It Out On Your Own

So you have a BIG VISION. Check. Bigger than you can handle on your own” Excellent! Why doesn’t anyone else sem to get that? They said yes, they joined the team, they do the work, but they just aren’t getting what we need to get done, DONE? Sound familiar?

It’s not them, it’s you.

And you’re not alone.

Leadership is NOT what you’ve been led to believe it is. Yes, it’s hard, but you probably enjoy the challenge. Unfortunately, great leaders aren’t born, they’re trained, either through great loss and failure or through mentoring. How would you like to learn?

Great Leaders Aren’t Born, They’re Trained

Here’s what you’ll learn when you’re accepted into Awaken The Leader:

  • Clarify what you need to take your business or movement to the next level
  • Get clear on a message that will engage and motivate pothers
  • Find your True North so you know the next right steps to success
  • Set clear goals that will keep you on track with an immediate sense of possibility
  • Hone your leadership style to inspire your team and fulfill your mission
  • Learn to communicate your vision with crystal clarity
  • Discover triggers that knock you off-center so you can reset resiliently
  • Set up your schedule to maximize your time so you and your team can easily stay on track and move forward together
  • Reconnect to your heart and unlock the power of choice


We know how frustrating it is to feel like nothing is getting done, and nothing is working to change that…

“Thanks to Linda, I’ve been able to expand and level off my company at DOUBLE what I was making before, which I plan to do again soon. Now, I am able to clearly communicate my needs and wants, and I find it MUCH easier to be direct with my team so they get their work done.”

– Gayle Bode

“I love the structure and how much self-knowledge I was able to gain as a result. This was a great way to stop and really tune in to what my deepest desires are, and to walk away feeling empowered to develop and share my message.”

– Deb Dutcher

“Awaken The Leader brought a lifetime of things together for me. Now, my vision is clear, my mission has passion and I can take on my passion with intention and purpose. Plus, these things have order and make sense. I’ve discovered my movement: to transform lives from the outside in, helping single moms and making a difference in people’s lives?”

– Kristi Heffelfinger

Linda Patten is here to support you every step of the way

Linda Patten, Leadership Mentor

I am Linda Patten. I’ve trained thousands of leaders to step into their natural leadership roles, build successful teams, and achieve their vision for a better world. With leadership experience spanning the military, corporate, entrepreneurial, and non-profit arenas, I guide women on a journey of self-discovery, skills development, and a charted course toward becoming the empowered, world-changing leaders they’re meant to be.

Your Path to Awakening Your Full Leadership Potential

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Become the Leader You’re Meant to Be

We know you are the kind of leader who has BIG IDEAS to change the world. The problem is, your team just doesn’t seem to get your vision, and they’re not getting their work done on time – which leaves you feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. We believe everyone deserves to be part of a successful team. We understand how discouraging it is when nothing seems to be working to inspire your team. That’s why we created Awaken The Leader, so you can become the leader you’re meant to be. – a leader others are excited to follow.

Here’s how it works, in three easy steps:
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