Wasn’t it strange not to have a traditional Halloween?  It had me thinking about Halloweens past … waaay past … when my daughters were little girls, so excited each and every Halloween. 

It was really ALL about the costumes, which of course I made for them myself. One started out as a rabbit costume then morphed (don’t ask me how) into a kangaroo complete with pouch and tail. There were She-ra Princess of Power (I started their leadership training early!) and the ubiquitous witches.  Even though we had to seek out Trick-or-Treating because it didn’t come to us — our house was one of only 8 at the end of a street — that never diminished the excitement of the holiday for the girls. 

This year, I suspect you didn’t go out Trick-or-Treating at all, so there were no treats for you. Well, I’d like to remedy that problem by offering you a little something that will last longer than candy. 

It is a quiz about — you guessed it — leadership (who wouldn’t want to learn more about themselves?). It’s quick and fun to take. The link will ask for your email address (which we already have, of course), and then you’re ready to go. After you submit your answers, you’ll receive an assessment in your inbox.

Here it is: Leadership Awareness Quiz. Find out what style of leader you are, the leadership skills you could add to your repertoire, and how you can master the full “Spectrum of leadership.” 

Enjoy, and here’s hoping we’ll all be able to enjoy a traditional Halloween, and all holidays, next year …

In the meantime, be courageous — Dare2Lead!

Linda Patten is a Leadership Trainer for women entrepreneurs and change-makers. Her vision for every woman is to become the natural leader she is meant to be, through teaching an empowering mindset, masculine AND feminine leadership skills, and how to activate a vision into a full-bodied business or social change movement.

For opportunities to awaken and empower the leader within you, please visit Dare2LeadwithLinda.