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eWOW – empowered Women of the World – December 27, 2019

Comfluential Leadership with Linda Patten

Comfluential leadership is where command and influence – the yin and yang come together to form a leadership style that works for today’s world. Join me in this conversation with Linda Patten, the international best selling author of No One Stood Up When I Entered the Room: One Woman’s Journey from Command to True Leadership

The Leadership Guru with Dr. Madeline Lewis – March 19, 2019

The theme of today’s show is “The Leadership Guru.”

My featured guest is Linda Patten, Founder of Dare2Lead Leadership Training. Linda is a leadership trainer for women entrepreneurs and change makers. She takes leaders on a journey of discovery about their leadership ability and how to use their top three strengths to become the leader that is within them.


Fail Faster Succeed Sooner with Dr. C– November 8, 2018

The Power of Becoming an Empowered, World-changing Leader

This week we are joined by guest Linda Patten, founder of Dare2Lead Leadership Training. Come visit with us as Linda shares her experiences as both international best selling author, military leader, and professional speaker. With decades of leadership experience, Linda shares with us that “great movements start with a single idea.” We will talk about her failure to success stories to change the world to grow these ideas into a full-bodied movement. Join us to be part of the conversation as we journey forward into the gifts that failure may bring. If you aren’t able to join us live, be sure to listen to our recordings or download from ITunes. We don’t want you to miss a beat on how you benefit from failure to create your own success stories. 

Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations with Maureen Metcalf– August 7, 2018

Empowerment: A Significant Key to Engagement and Results

Empowerment is foundational to employee engagement. We have been talking about it for over a decade and yet, many leaders are unclear about how to use it and still maintain accountability and responsibility to drive results. During this interview, Linda and Maureen will talk about empowerment basics then move into the nuances of how to empower people to drive better results rather than abdicating responsibility. This has been a long term question of balance for many leaders. During the discussion, we will explore: 1) How do you define empowerment? 2) Why is empowering others such a key skill in leadership and growing a movement? 3) How does empowerment help us navigate an environment subjected to significant change and disruption? 4) What makes empowering others such a challenge for the leader? Why do leaders fail to empower others? 6) What are the essential skills needed to empower others? 8) What are 3 key tips to empowerment?

Recording coming soon

Everyday Spirituality with Kim Tobin – November 16, 2017

Please lsten and enjoyPlease listen and enjoy!Are you a reluctant leader?

What does Leadership have to do with Spirituality? Most of us hide our Spiritual tools in our daily lives. Leadership Expert Linda Patten will be sharing her journey in both the military and the corporate world. Linda will also share key leadership skills to corral your independent team, build your sphere of influence and become an empowered, extraordinary, world-changing leader!

The Paradise Within Show – September 25, 2017

Like you, Linda Patten, who was a former Four-star General in The U.S.A Army, is more than just the role of woman, wife, mother, business owner, crafter and more.

In 2008, her world began to crash and burn. In the rush and demands of being a business owner with, at that time 3 divisions of her business, Linda had put her dreams in a really nice box, tied it with a beautiful ribbon and placed it on a shelf in the back of her mental closet, never to be seen again.

Later, Linda and her husband decided to downsize drastically by selling our 3700-square-foot-home of 18 years and moving into a 940-square-foot apartment.

Their offices once again moved to commercial space, and they were together in this healthy environment. This was also the time Linda was introduced to two companies that have had her take a look on that shelf, pull the box down, unwrap it and re-envision those dreams.

Please listen and enjoy!

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