Leadership for Women Entrepreneurs and Changemakers

Linda Patten:

Leadership Expert, Keynote Speaker & Trainer,

Best-selling Author, Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host

Do You Dare to Lead?

This is the question Linda poses that wakes up and fires up women to take the lead in their lives.

“An incredible leader who speaks from the heart,” Linda will engage, inspire and inform your audience on the mindset and methods they need to become extraordinary leaders, influencers, and changemakers. Linda skillfully blends her vast professional experience in the military and corporate arenas with funny personal stories that captivate as well as educate.

Keynotes and Trainings: By choosing Linda for your event, you’ll get a customized experience, whether it’s an event keynote, presentation, training, or half- or full-day workshop.

Popular Leadership Topics

A Leader – Who Me? How to unlock the leader within you

  • What IS leadership (that most-maligned word) anyway?
  • Busting the myth that leaders are born naturally – and are male
  • How to tap into your own natural leadership gifts and power

The Art of Herding Cats: Creating and aligning your vision

  • The #1 killer success tool you need no matter what or whom you are leading
  • 3 critical skills successful leaders use to corral their teams toward common purpose
  • How your vision statement brings balance to all aspects of your life

Great movements start as a single idea – how about yours?

  • So you want to change the world – do you know what that looks likes?
  • What to do with that fire in your belly that calls you to lead the charge
  • Mindset, heart-set and practical tools to grow your idea into a powerful movement
  • How to build electric connections to attract allies to stoke your cause

Leadership 4.0: How to step in and own your leadership

  • Best practices from the best leaders that you can use now
  • How to continually improve and be more effective as a leader and influencer
  • Learn from your mistakes or be destined to repeat them!
  • How leaders are defined by their actions, not by what they know

Leadership in the Job Interview: What you need to know

  • For seekers of new job opportunities or career advancement in your current company
  • What today’s employers are looking for (your secret success weapon)
  • 5 Most important ways to set yourself apart as a leader

Herding your people into a strong and effective team

  • Discover innovative ways to add value to the relationships you foster
  • How to create a team of experts that support each other (instead of undermine the goal)!
  • Building a team of independent stars that is committed to the big picture
  • Nurturing the positive attitudes that translate both internally and to your client base

Enthusiastic Audiences include

What they’re saying about Linda…

“Linda comes to leadership empowering from a unique angle - the military. Most leadership seminars and trainings are taught by trainers who were educated through books. Linda learned through life experiences, so she knows and understands her clients’ needs intimately. I am better for hearing her speak.”

~~Kimberly Leonard

“Linda has many layers to her personality which allow her to be strong and effective with a very open mind. Her expertise is palpable as she speaks, and gives me 100% confidence in utilizing her skills.”

~~Jennifer Harty

“Linda creates a safe, powerful and interactive event. She has a beautiful presence, playfulness and heartfelt attention to her audience, while bringing high-caliber knowledge and vast experience.”

~~Rebecca Hall-Gruyter

“Linda is smart, inspirational and knows how to hold an audience’s attention while providing powerful tips for leadership to grow your business. She tackles leadership from so many different angles that there is always something for everyone”

~~ Julie Foucht

“Linda has many layers to her personality which allow her to be strong and effective with a very open mind. Her expertise is palpable as she speaks, and gives me 100% confidence in utilizing her skills.”

~~Jennifer Harty

“I appreciate every time I get a chance to see Linda. I always get awesome and meaningful tips that I can implement immediately.”

~~R. Calonsag-deGuzman

“Even though I don’t have military or corporate experience, I deeply resonated with Linda’s talk. I have felt the path of trying to command people and losing not just their respect but the connection. I know I’m ready to start hiring in my business, and I feel much more comfortable starting the process.”

~~Becky Center

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