Awaken the Leader: Leadership Training for a New World

Watch for new dates in 2022!

Leading effectively means that you know who you are as a leader. You know your particular leadership style and mindset. You know where to get support and inspire others to follow you, what to focus on and the smart risks to take, how to move your vision forward and keep dogged on that strategic path to success — ON YOUR TERMS. You can’t do it by following a worn-out leadership model that doesn’t fully represent you. To be honest, true leadership looks different for everyone, as multi-faceted and unique as you are.

This program is especially for you if you are a seasoned or emerging leader with a fire in your belly to become the best you can be to create the greatest impact.

It’s absolutely critical for you if you are a woman who wants something different from the centuries-old, outdated male-centric stereotype of what a leader is supposed to be!

Leadership Inspiration
We women need to support each other, to hold each other up when things get difficult, when we feel invisible or disrespected, when the system seems stacked against us.    

How valuable it is to have your own personal Leadership Mentor checking in with you every week.  Knowing that your community is behind you and you are not alone!

Do you dare to lead?

This is the question Linda poses that wakes up and fires up women to take the lead in their lives.

“An incredible leader who speaks from the heart,” Linda will engage, inspire and inform your audience on the mindset and methods they need to become extraordinary leaders, influencers, and changemakers. Linda skillfully blends her vast professional experience in the military and corporate arenas with funny personal stories that captivate as well as educate.

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