The idea of bringing together command and influence sounds great, doesn’t it? But what happens when you put the idea into practice? How do you use Comfluential™ Leadership effectively in the real world?

I’ve got to be honest with you, Comfluential™ Leadership looks different for everyone. Discovering the right blend of command and influence depends not just on your qualities, but on the needs of your team and clients. The idea is to get everyone working together more efficiently, right?

Here is what happened for Gayle after she went through my Awaken The Leader training:

I grew up with 3 brothers and 4 male cousins — I was the only girl surrounded by 7 boys. And while mother and grandmothers were strong, take-charge women, I always struggled to be heard because I didn’t want to become the bitch or the yelling ogre.

After Awaken The Leader, I found it easier to be clear and direct about my needs and wants. I transformed my living situation, carving out space for a private office of my own.

I have expanded and leveled off my company at double what I was making before, and as I become more skilled and consistent in Comfluential™ Leadership I plan to expand again. I greatly appreciate the strong and steadfast approach to leadership I learned in Awaken The Leader and the success I’ve experienced in both my business and personal life using the principles I learned.”

-Gayle Bode, Bode Office Solutions

Imagine making double what you earn right now, in a sustainable way that builds the foundation for further expansion. Won’t it be amazing to watch as your business begins to thrive in ways you’ve only imagined?

Melissa thought so.

I am a born leader, I’ve felt it in my bones my entire life. Unfortunately, the people in my life constantly accused me of wanting to ‘take control.’ I get excited about ideas and possibilities, which came across as pushy and made others fight against me.

Then I attended Awaken The Leader, and I realized that I had never fully understood the concept of true Leadership.

Now I understand that my Leadership abilities are less about what I say and more about what I DO–and I know how to plant the seeds that inspire people to WANT to follow me. Linda taught me to be authentically ME, with the tools to communicate in a different way that allows me to better navigate my business AND personal life.

– Melissa Bruce, The Heavy Metal Psychic

Now, what if you want to give back, to share your success in a way that makes a difference? Can Comfluential™ Leadership help you realize your dreams?

The truth is, that’s up to you. But check out what Comfluential™ Leadership did for Kristi:

Since Awaken The Leader I have developed the clarity I need to make a difference and change more lives. I fulfilled my lifelong dream of writing a book, which is about my journey as the child of a single mom and my mission of bringing connection and awareness to people everywhere. Now that my leadership has been awakened, I’m able to give back with purpose, making the difference I’ve always wanted to make in the world.

-Kristi Heffelfinger, Transformations By Kristi

I look at my own life, and how practicing Comfluential™ Leadership has changed it drastically for the better! I truly was struggling in the years after my military and corporate careers, when I entered what I called “Planet Entrepreneur.” As I began exploring the qualities that make up true leadership, and saw how they can be characterized as masculine “command” and feminine “influence,” only then was I able to reach deep down (believe me!) and uncover the feminine strengths I have within me, wake them up (which is why I call my training “Awaken the Leader” and put those qualities into practice in my work and life.

For me personally, the biggest rewards have been holding a vision that inspires others to come  together to realize it with me, and building wonderful, deep, lifelong relationships with people who may be diverse in many ways, but share a core belief in a life of purpose and bringing meaningful change to the world.