Lessons in Leadership

and a few personal stories

 Sharing what I have learned, tested, and trained about leadership mindset and skills. My hope here is to inspire and activate the extraordinary leader ​that lies within you.

Girl Scouts – A History

As a girl growing up in the 50’s, the Girl Scouts and I have history. At that time, I started out as a Brownie in second grade, flew up to Intermediate at age 10 and was a Senior when in High School. The number of levels has increased over the years to where there are...

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Scarcity Thinking in Business

Scarcity thinking often finds its way into business. It is not just found in the personal realm. Having worked with non-profits for almost 30 years, I have seen this mindset emerge frequently. How scarcity manifests in business is in spending money. I can’t tell you...

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The San Francisco Earthquake — 1989

Coming from the Midwest, the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake was quite a phenomenon. Earthquakes, unlike tornadoes and snow storms, cannot be predicted; they just happen. Such was the case with the Big One – the ’89 Earthquake. I think people in the Bay Area and around...

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Our Relationship with Money

Our relationship with money can be very complicated. For many of us, money has always been an issue. It often wraps around our scarcity beliefs and thinking. What are the sayings you hear when I talk about money? Money doesn’t grow on trees. Money is the root of all...

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The Gift of My First Car

In the fall of 1970, my dad gave me the gift of my first car. I know, I had been driving since I was 16 and had had other cars that I drove from 1966 to 1970, but they were not mine. The first and third car that I drove was Nader’s death car, the Chevrolet Corviar. In...

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Naysayers – The Minor Weather Patterns in Your Life

With it firmly in place, a dream can weather any storm that comes our way and, with support, can handle the little weather patterns when naysayers try to move us off course. Naysayers are the bain of my existence especially w hen working on a dream. Naysayers are the...

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Murphy’s Law and Going out of Town

What is it about going out of town and having whatever could go wrong, go wrong, i.e., Murphy’s Law. I was heading for Los Angeles to do registration for one of the organizations I have been working with since 1995 on their conferences. With that much experience, you...

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War – What Is It Good For?

In 1969, Edwin Starr wrote and produced a song about war. The refrain went: War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing If this is the case, then why does every generation have its war. For my grandparents, it was World War I, for my parents World War II,...

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Dreams and Life Choices

Working with women on their dreams, I have learned that often life choices determine what dreams are fulfilled and what dreams are relegated to the shelf for future consideration. What I have also noticed is that we are making dreams happen, and we are not living our...

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Dreams, Visions, and Strategic Planning

Do dreams sound too airy-fairy for you? Are you a hard-core business person who believes that dreams are not for you? Then, let’s take this to the next level. In a business or leadership setting, your dreams of the future and what you want your business to look like...

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Hair – The Long and the Short of It

In the late 60’s and early 70’s,Hair, the musical, was literally a shocking success with its iconoclastic nude scene on stage. If you remember the lyrics to the song,“Hair”, you will remember this: “…hair, flow it, show it, grow it as long as God can grow it, my...

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Resistance to Exercise

What is this resistance to exercise all about? As women, we might have a little dream to get into shape. I say little compared to a big dream of having a million dollar business. There is no reason why that both of those dreams can’t be realized. It still takes the 5...

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